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An introduction to Local Economic Development

This course is an introduction to how Local Economic Development can be promoted. The content is targeted at individuals and organisations that are mandated to do something about improving the local economy. At the same time, the same content is also relevant for organisations that are promoting local economic development without being directly involved in LED on the ground, for instance, an national government department wanting to strengthen a local economy or an international development organisation wanting to strengthen LED in a country.

You do not need to be an economist, development expert, government official or trained facilitator to learn about ways to improve a local economy. However, it will be valuable to think of the place where you work, live or grew up in so that you can imagine different ways of how a place could be improved.

Course now open

Reducing Red Tape

In this course, facilitators will learn how to guide stakeholders to quickly identify red tape issues that are hampering local economic development. It is a participatory approach that can be used to build trust between different stakeholders and within key organisations.